Chemicals are a huge part of our everyday lives and appear in most industries, with many people oblivious as to how much hazardous waste is produced. Chemicals and chemical waste can be produced by a variety of companies in manufacturing as well as by the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. We work most closely with the printing industry and help to safely dispose of their chemical waste on a daily basis.

By law, anyone who produces hazardous waste such as chemicals has a duty of care to ensure the waste is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner. If leftover or entered into the environment they could prove deadly to both humans and the surrounding area.

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Pouring away chemicals down the sink is not an option as they can cause immediate damage to pipework and will present a major hazard if too much enters the water system.

Using specialist equipment and vehicles we can arrange for the collection and disposal of your chemical waste – with the option of recycling where possible. We can even perform emergency collections when you need to dispose of chemical waste quickly and safely.

At WasteSafe we deal with a huge variety of chemicals and we follow the stringent regulations which relate to such services, ensuring that you and your organisation operate within the law.

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