Almost every home has a fridge as one of its key appliances, but when it comes to the disposal of these items many people forget the hazardous substances they contain. Even once they have been unplugged there are still ozone depleting substances present.

Great care must be taken when disconnecting fridges as blowing agents which help keep our food chilled may still be trapped in the insulation foam. A continual turnover of electrical appliances means it is more and more important that we dispose of these items properly.

With our efficient and professional fridge freezer disposal service we can ensure your appliance does not pose a danger to you, your family or the environment. We follow best practice and comply with regulation when handling fridge disposal.

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It’s our aim to take care of any hazardous waste whether it’s from a commercial or domestic customer, recycling as much useable material as possible to prevent dangerous substances entering landfill or being fly-tipped.

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