Gas Cylinders

As a popular source of energy in many industries, as well as in homes, gas cylinders contain pressurised contents which present a huge safety risk. Cylinders which are left behind are potentially deadly as it is often hard to know how long it has been there and how much it still holds.

For this reason there are very specific guidelines which must be followed when handling gas cylinders. If due caution is not taken they can leak toxic substances or violently release any remaining contents, both of which pose an additional fire hazard risk.

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When we perform our gas cylinder collection service for you we take every care to ensure safe practices are carried out and that no risks are taken when dealing with hazardous waste. If you require an emergency collection we can be there within two hours of your call.

Our gas cylinder disposal service will ensure your site is safe and secure, and our recycling services mean that you can have peace of mind knowing that anything which can be reused is put back into good use.

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