Paints And Liquids

Paint and other associated liquids are common both in our homes and in different trade industries, but when we are finished using them it can often be tempting to just pour the remaining liquid away. The toxicity of these products can be extremely harmful to the environment as well as for humans and animals.

The substances used in paints are what constitute hazardous waste, including heavy metals which we can often smell. Left-over paint can be a single tin or dozens of tins, but regardless of how much is left it remains a dangerous substance until it is safely disposed of.

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At WasteSafe we provide a quick and professional paint collection and disposal service, ensuring that all of your hazardous substances are taken care of in a responsible manner.

Whether you use paint as part of your business or you simply have a stock of paint you need to get rid of, we can help ensure the paint is carefully managed to protect the environment.

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