In the UK alone we throw away around 55 million tyres which have been punctured, worn or replaced, but in an effort to curb this waste the EU has banned the sending of tyres to landfill as part of its Landfill Directive.

When tyres are left to breakdown in landfill they release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere which poses a huge environmental threat on a local and global scale. With more households having multiple vehicles it’s easy to see why the number of waste tyres has grown to such a dangerous level.

Garages and auto centres are now being urged to dispose of any tyres which can no longer be used in a safe and responsible manner.

Don’t risk your business or health!

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Here at WasteSafe we can take care of your unwanted tyres no matter how big or small, we even provide a dedicated collection service for hazardous waste. In our efforts to keep waste from entering landfill we are committed to recycling as much waste as possible.

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