Top 10 reasons to dump the skip

Posted by WasteSafe Services on 25/05/18 in Waste Management Leadership

WASTE26690_Wait_load_9May2018More businesses are now choosing an alternative to skip hire – one that gives them more control and less risk.

It is called ‘wait and load’ waste collection – which makes it no longer necessary to have a skip delivered to a work site, business premises or residential property.

Instead, a call is made to a wait and load waste collection specialist and it sends around a waste vehicle to pick up the waste generated, along with an operative who helps load it up and take it away.

So, what are the benefits of dumping the skip and embracing wait and load? Here are ten reasons to give it some serious thought.

1: No space for skip
Skips are chunky pieces of kit. They take up a lot of space. If you do not have space for a skip, or if access is too restricted to deliver one, calling in a wait and load service operating more compact and manoeuvrable vehicles is the obvious answer.

2: Too much or too little waste
Skips come in set sizes. So, if you need to dispose of a limited volume of waste, or if the volume sits between skip sizes, you risk paying for empty space not waste collection. Instead, a wait and load service allows waste collection to be tailored to your needs.

3: No nuisance for the neighbours
Skip hire is one of the main ways neighbours rub each other up the wrong way. On a busy commercial street, or in shared access areas, this can be a big problem. Wait and load waste collection sweeps away this problem.

4: Multiple sites
A skip is not magic. It cannot be in more than one place at once. But a wait and load waste service can manage collections at different points on one site or multiple addresses, as flexibly as is required.

5: Waste collection when you need it
Okay, there is something to be said for having a skip sitting there waiting to be filled (and collecting rain water). But many professionals, such as shop fitters and refurbishment specialists, want waste to be collected and off the premises promptly. Wait and load is the perfect solution.

6: All waste types taken
The list of items that cannot be put in a skip takes up an arm, then the other one, and travels on down a leg. Electrical and hazardous waste are two examples. Select the right wait and load waste collection service and ALL types of waste (okay not nuclear) can be removed.

7: Prevent fly tipping and skip ‘borrowing’
Fly tippers love to see a skip outside a property, because it is an easy option to dump their waste. Neighbouring businesses and householders do the same. A wait and load waste collection service works for one customer, not the whole community.

8: Maintaining brand promise
Good businesses take pride in doing the right thing and the impression they give. Skips do nothing to impress customers with how a business looks. Cluttering the street, taking up valuable parking spots, attracting fly tippers and vandals, is not helpful. Wait and load waste collection is a cleaner, neater, quicker, and less obtrusive way to remove waste.

9: Quick to access – no restrictions
Arranging for a skip to be delivered can take time. Councils are placing ever tougher restrictions on placing skips in public spaces. If a skip is being placed on a public road, a licence must be obtained, and paid for. The licence will cost £30-£70. If the skip hire company arranges it, they will charge an additional fee. Then you need to wait for a skip to be delivered and taken away.

With a wait and load waste collection service, you can make one call, a collection date and time is agreed, payment is made, and the job is done.

10: Be in control
A wait and load waste collection service gives a business or householder more certainty, control, and flexibility over how their waste is disposed of. Leaving waste in a skip outside a business or home is unsightly and leaves people open to additional risks.

WasteSafe Services operates a wait and load waste collection service across the UK. It holds an Upper Tier Environment Agency waste carrier’s licence, so can collect all waste streams, including builder’s waste, WEEE (electronic and electrical) waste, and food waste.

All our waste collection operatives are trained and qualified to manage waste safely and legally. All waste is taken to authorised waste disposal sites where waste recycling is optimised.

For more information about how dump the skip and move to a more flexible, faster, and efficient way to dispose of waste using a wait and load waste collection service, call WasteSafe Services today.