Emergency Waste

At WasteSafe we understand that no matter how prepared you are, you can be caught out by a waste spillage at any time. That’s why we have our own dedicated emergency waste collection service that is designed to be with you as quickly as possible if your situation is urgent. Whether it is a small or large amount of waste, we will be on the scene equipped with specialist vehicles and knowledge to deal with your emergency quickly and safely.

Our emergency waste collection service extends to all sectors, as we are licensed carriers of all waste from animal by-products to hazardous materials, ensuring that all correct procedures and regulations are adhered to at all times.

We clear up absolutely all waste from your site, so you won’t be left with any cleaning up to do after we have finished our work and all appropriate legal paperwork is provided by us for your records, meaning that we provide a comprehensive service from start to finish.

Don’t risk your business or health!

Call today to speak with an experienced professional, we can be on-site in less than 2 hours once we have all your details.

call now on 0800 133 1330

For more information about our emergency waste collection, get in touch with us at our national call centre today or via the contact form on our website, we’ll be more than happy to help.