Fly Tip

In 2012/2013, local authorities across England dealt with over 711,000 recorded instances of fly-tipping, with over two thirds of the instances involving household waste. It is unsightly, unhygienic and can be an obstruction to your building and those who use it.

If you are unfortunate enough to have rubbish fly-tipped near you, then you will want it removing as quickly as possible. This is where we come in.

Our fly-tipping collection service is swift and professional, our call centre will arrange your collection same day and our staff strictly follow the waste removal guidelines set out in The Duty of Care Regulations under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Don’t risk your business or health!

Call today to speak with an experienced professional, we can be on-site in less than 2 hours once we have all your details.

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There are various materials that fall under the category of ‘fly-tipping’ waste. These include:

  • Tyres (55 million waste tyres are disposed of per year, both legally and illegally)Construction, demolition and excavation waste (this makes up 6% of all fly tipping waste)
  • Household waste, e.g. mattresses (48%)
  • Household waste in black bags (17%)
  • Commercial waste (9%)
  • Other types of waste include animal carcasses, vehicle parts and white goods (9%)

We cater for removal jobs of all sizes and types – our 24/7 call centre allows us to assist customers around the clock, arriving at your site within a matter of hours to remove and dispose of fly-tipping waste safely and cleanly. Whether you have a large amount of waste that needs to be collected or a smaller amount that you can’t move yourself, our uniformed staff and specialist vehicles are on hand to help.